Are you ready to take off?


Are you ready to reach the next level in your career to

  • increase your freedom
  • make an impact
  • reach your true potential
  • build efficient teams
  • be a powerful leader


Things are not what they seem

You have a decent job and move along your career path just fine. For all intents and purposes you should be satisfied.

But underneath the surface:

  • You have difficulties dragging yourself out of bed in the morning
  • Your energy levels are constantly low
  • You are lacking passion at work and in your relationships
  • You can't wait for the day to be over

You feel like there is something missing. You know deep down that there is more...

A hectic lifestyle with little time for reflection, social norms and our own expectations of who we should be mask our authentic selves.

Unlock your true potential

There is no one fits all recipe to success

Success is determined by more than just the skill set that you acquired throughout your career. What worked for someone else might not just NOT work for you but can even be detrimental to your progress. Your core is unique to you. Your process of creating success in your career (or any other life area) is just as unique.

Misalignment with your core is a huge energy drain

When you are in misalignment with your authentic self (or core) and unaware of your blueprint to success you likely expand more energy than necessary to create success. Your approach might even work against you and require you to compensate for these setbacks by spending more hours. When your energy levels are low it is more difficult to recognize opportunities and identify the resources that will move your career along.

But you don't have to fly blind

MindBodySoulPower is an individually tailored program by Stefanie Robel, Ph.D. designed to empower professionals to create the careers they desire.

Step 1 is to determine your unique drivers and blueprint to success.

Step 2 diagnoses patterns that keep you stuck.

Step 3 is 1:1 work assisting you in aligning your authentic self with the way you operate in your job and life.

You are most powerful when you consistently make choices that are in integrity to your authentic self. This is how real success is generated and the basis of influential leadership.

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